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The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

How Strong is Your Heart?

This September, Love Your Heart and Let it Beat. Assess the strength of your heart and consult our expert Cardiologists TODAY.

Home Health Services

For Expert care in the comfort of your home. Services available for: Physician Consultation, Nursing Procedures, Physiotherapy

Gift a Bear Campaign 2019

The Resource Development department at The Aga Khan University continued our tradition of distributing Teddy Bears this Eid-ul-Fitr.

World Breastfeeding Day 2018

breastfeeding lays the foundation of good health and survival of children and women. It has positive lifelong effects on both the baby and the mother.

World Hepatitis Day 2018

Eliminate Hepatitis. In Pakistan, 9 out of 10 people living with Hepatitis do not know they have the disease. Early Diagnosis can help.

Cath Lab Discounts Procedures

Has your doctor recommended an angiography or angioplasty? Choose The Aga Khan University Hospital for affordable quality heart care services.

World Lupus Day 2018

Lupus is an incurable autoimmune disease where the body’s natural defense system attacks healthy tissues and organs.

World Labor Day 2018

The Aga Khan University Hospital appreciates the dedication of all the staff members for their hard work every day.