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AKUH Helps Brighten the Future of Eye Health in Mubarak Village

<p>The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) joined hands with the Abdul Hai Foundation (AHF) for a teacher training camp at a school in Mubarak Village on 19 January 2024. The purpose of this collaborative effort was to equip teachers to become the first line of defense against eye problems in children so they could identify and address students&#39; eye health issues early on. Early identification of eye problems can help with early treatment before irreversible damage to the vision.</p><p>Through in-depth training sessions conducted by the AKUH Ophthalmology team, teachers gained an understanding of eye anatomy, common eye diseases, and practical strategies for daily eye care. This was followed by training on how to conduct basic eye examinations on students, ensuring standardized and efficient care.</p><p>The AKUH Ophthalmology team doesn&#39;t plan on stopping here. Their project envisions reaching out to students and parents alike, raising awareness about eye health practices, and encouraging responsible self-care. Additionally, it plans to establish designated care pathways, seamlessly directing children with identified needs to specialized eye care professionals for further evaluation and treatment.</p><p>The dedicated team behind this initiative brings together a wealth of expertise. Dr Karim Damji, Chair Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, spearheads the project with the support of Dr Khadijah Abid, Senior Research Instructor, and Saima Jamil, a dedicated optometrist. Further enriching the project is the active involvement of the Ophthalmology Interest Group members led by Dr Fatima Zahra, whose enthusiasm and energy contribute significantly to educational activities. 
</p><p>This collaborative effort between AKUH and AHF reflects a shared commitment to improving eye health in Mubarak Village and paving the way for a brighter, healthier future for its residents. By prioritizing education, fostering teamwork, and actively engaging the community, this project promises to make a lasting difference in the lives of many, offering them the gift of a clear vision and a world of possibilities. </p><p>​ </p><p>

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