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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

AKUH Holds a Joyful Walk to Celebrate World Children’s Day

<p>In a vibrant celebration of World Children&#39;s Day, the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) organized a momentous walk on 20 November 2023, to embrace the spirit of unity, hope, and advocacy for the well-being of children. With a mission to amplify the voices of the future generation, AKUH invited students from schools across Karachi to participate at the event.</p><p>The AKUH Children&#39;s Day walk was enthusiastically attended by Dr Farhat Abbas, CEO of AKU Health Services Pakistan, Dr Adil Haider, Dean AKU Medical College, Dr Asim Belgaumi, Chief Medical Officer, Ms. Khairunnissa Hooda, Chief Nursing Officer, Dr Fyezah Jehan, Chair, Department of Paediatrics, Dr Ali Faisal Saleem, Vice Chair, Department of Paediatrics, administrative staff, and students across Karachi.  </p><p>The event commenced with an atmosphere buzzing with excitement as children, teachers, and supporters streamed in, adorned with bright smiles and enthusiasm. Registrations bustled with activity, with volunteers welcoming attendees and ensuring a smooth process for all participants.  </p><p>Caps and ribbons, symbolic of solidarity and commitment to children&#39;s rights, were distributed. Each participant wore these tokens proudly, signifying their pledge to champion the cause of children worldwide. </p><p>As the event unfolded, moderators took the stage, extending a warm welcome to the spirited crowd. The children, the true stars of the day, took center stage for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, officially inaugurating the walk. Their infectious energy encapsulated the essence of World Children&#39;s Day, igniting a sense of joy and optimism. </p><p>After an energetic walk, led by a talented children&#39;s band, Dr Farhat Abbas, CEO of AKU Health Services Pakistan, spoke about the importance of championing the rights of children, who make up the present and future of our society. </p><p>Dr Fyezah Jehan, Chair, Department of Paediatrics, followed by Dr Adil Haider, Dean AKU Medical College, shared empowering remarks on the challenges and triumphs in the realm of child health. Their words echoed a commitment to tirelessly work towards creating a healthier, safer world for children.  </p><p>The event blossomed further with a stunning exhibition showcasing artwork created by the students, concluding with a prize distribution ceremony for the winning students with the best paintings.  </p><p>The AKUH World Children&#39;s Day walk was a collective stride towards a future where every child&#39;s rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled. It emphasized that when we walk together, we pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. AKUH&#39;s commitment to children&#39;s well-being continues to shine brightly, a beacon of promise for generations to come. ​
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