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AKUH and AKHS Forge Strategic Partnership with Boston Scientific at Arab Health Exhibition

<p>Amidst the bustling halls of the prestigious Arab Health 2024 Exhibition in Dubai, a delegation from the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) health institutions, led by Alex Manu, Co-Chairman of the Health Network Purchase Committee (HNPC), embarked on a mission to prioritize patient-centric innovations and collaborations. This significant event, renowned for bringing together global healthcare leaders, served as a catalyst for fostering partnerships dedicated to enhancing patient care and well-being.
</p><p>The AKDN team, comprising members of the HNPC, leadership of Aga Khan University Hospitals (AKUH) and Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS), and purchasing leads, engaged in fruitful discussions with existing and potential suppliers. Their aim was clear: to explore cutting-edge technologies and advancements in healthcare that would directly benefit patients within the AKDN health network.
</p><p>Among the highlights of the exhibition was a strategic meeting between the AKDN delegation, led by Alex Manu, and Eric Thépaut, Executive Vice President of Boston Scientific International B.V. (BSC). Boston Scientific, recognized globally for its contributions to medical device development and services, emerged as a natural partner for AKUH and AKHS in their shared commitment to patient-centred care. The meeting culminated in the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU), symbolising a commitment to collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing patient care.
</p><p>The signed MoU outlines key areas of collaboration, all of which revolve around a singular focus: improving the quality of healthcare services provided by AKUH and AKHS in the regions they serve. The agreement highlights initiatives such as:​

</p><ul><li><strong>Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency:</strong> Prioritizing the reliability and accessibility of critical consumables for AKUH/AKHS, ensuring seamless operations and uninterrupted patient care. </li><li><strong>Advancing Therapies:</strong> Exploring innovative therapies in partnership with BSC to expand treatment options and push the boundaries of healthcare possibilities.</li><li><strong>Digital Transformation:</strong> Investing in technological advancements to enhance patient care through state-of-the-art solutions and infrastructure. </li><li><strong>Environment and Sustainability:</strong> Committing to environmentally responsible practices in healthcare operations to promote sustainability and community well-being.

</li></ul><p>Alex Manu expressed his optimism about the partnership, emphasising its potential to elevate healthcare standards and outcomes for patients. &quot;This collaboration with Boston Scientific signifies a pivotal moment in our ongoing mission to provide exceptional healthcare to the communities we serve,&quot; he stated. &quot;By leveraging our collective strengths, we are poised to achieve groundbreaking advancements that will redefine healthcare delivery.&quot;
</p><p>The signed MoU not only establishes a framework for the collaboration but also heralds a new era of innovation and progress in healthcare for AKUH and AKHS, centred around the needs and well-being of patients.  
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