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Online Haemodiafiltration: The Most Optimal Treatment for Kidney Patients

<p>​Kidney are our body&#39;s filter system. Their job is to remove water from the body and produce urine. When it is said the kidneys are failing, it means the kidneys are unable to filter waste and toxins from the blood. This waste can end up going back into the blood, damaging the body. In the end-stage of chronic kidney failure, the toxins in the blood reach dangerous levels and result in severe health complications. </p><p>To improve kidney function and stay alive, the only options are kidney transplant or haemodialysis. Currently, the most advanced and effective haemodialysis technology is Online Haemodiafiltration (OL-HDF). </p><p><strong>What is Online Haemodiafiltration?</strong></p><p>Online Haemodiafiltration (OL-HDF) is the most technologically advanced form of dialysis, now available at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Pakistan. It offers a more thorough and efficient removal of toxins from the body, particularly larger toxins and substances, as compared to conventional dialysis. </p><p><strong>How is OL-HDF performed?</strong></p><p>OL-HDF is performed using a dedicated dialysis machine. Just like conventional dialysis, it is done three times a week with each session lasting 4 hours or as per your nephrologist&#39;s prescription. </p><p>Make sure to consult your healthcare provider who can help you determine whether this treatment option will be suitable for you.</p><p><strong>What are the advantages of OL-HDF?</strong></p><p>OL-HDF has certain advantages over the conventional dialysis therapies, making it the most optimal form of dialysis currently available. The combination of effective toxin removal and improved fluid balance means that patients on OL-HDF have an overall better sense of well-being. Other advantages are as follows:</p><ul><li>Improved chances of patient survival </li><li>Significantly reduced tiredness and lethargy after dialysis</li><li>Reduced inflammation in the body</li><li>Better blood pressure control; lesser chances of blood pressure falling during dialysis</li><li>Increased tolerance of fluid removal (ultrafiltration)</li><li>Better bone health and strength</li><li>Improved haemoglobin levels </li><li>Reduced itching, skin rashes, and pain in legs, especially at night.​

</li></ul><p>As medical technology continues to evolve, so does the potential for enhancing the lives of individuals. Through its combination of cutting-edge science and patient-centered care, OL-HDF opens new doors for a brighter, healthier future for kidney patients.
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