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The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

Emergency Physicians' Vitality

<p>Life in the emergency room is full of urgent tasks &amp; stress. Over time, acute stress from long hours and overworking wears away mind and body, making one less happy, less healthy, and less effective at job. The <a href="/Pakistan/Health-Services/emergency-acute-care/Pages/default.aspx">24/7 Emergency &amp; Acute Care</a>​ service line at The Aga Khan University Hospital, conducted a day activity, emphasizing on the importance of its physicians wellness.</p><p>A daylong session was arranged to inculcate motivation and wellness in the 24/7 Emergency &amp; Acute Care physicians. The event was organized on April 10<sup>th</sup> 2018 at CIME, MULTIPURPOSE HALL AKUH from 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM</p><p>The event was named vitality meaning &quot;life&quot;. The aim of the event was to identify features of burnout and stress that are unique to emergency medicine practice, discuss the evidence of importance of exuberant physical strength, mental rigor and practicing cope up strategies that can be utilized with their busy work schedules.</p><p>Senior Instructor Emergency Medicine Dr. Shahn Waheed was the Facilitator and conducted this in- house workshop. </p><p>Several factors were highlighted in the event that have the potential to positively impact emergency physicians work life and their wellness. The factors were:</p><p>1. Physician Wellness - Bringing West to East</p><p>2. What colors meant to Bush?</p><p>3. Coloring Mandala Challenge</p><p>4. Tai Chi</p><p>5. An Everyday guide to wellness in EM</p><p>6. Yoga - The practice of being present in the moment</p><p>7. Making a pledge and making of a wellness tree.</p><p>Approximately 25 to 30 physicians attended the event who shared their experiences of wellness activities that they were using and shared their stories of success to instill the process of positive transformation in the emergency room.</p>