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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

Free Kidney and Bladder Camp 2018

<p>​Kidney related diseases and complications are on the rise in Pakistan. To raise awareness about the issue and to give back to the community, The Aga Khan University Hospital held a Free Kidney and Bladder Camp at the Main Campus Courtyard, on Tuesday, 20 March 2018.</p><p>During the health camp, doctors offered free screening consultations to over 250 patients who suffered from various problems such as kidney stones, urine infection and other related diseases.</p><p>The camp was sub-divided into clinics for nephrology and urology where a panel of about ten doctors looked at patients and their reports. The camp lasted for about six hours due to the overwhelming demand for consultations by patients.</p><p>Follow ups and appointment bookings were made for patients with cases that required more investigation.</p><p>Doctors wrote prescriptions and advised on lifestyle changes that could help these patients relieve themselves from pain. The initiative helped a lot of patients better understand lifestyle changes that can relieve them from kidney and bladder issues.</p>