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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

Dr. Patch Adams to Visit The Aga Khan University Hospital’s Children’s Hospital

<p>The Aga Khan University Hospital&#39;s Children&#39;s Hospital offers care with love and compassion, keeping patient certainty at the heart of its caregiving. To acknowledge this and the shared philosophy of holistic care with love and compassion, the world-famous social activist, Dr. Patch Adams is visiting the Children&#39;s Hospital. </p><p>Research shows that when it comes to children&#39;s healthcare, families generally are more emotionally driven and experience distress if their child is unwell. The Children&#39;s Hospital provides a patient-centric approach to care and supports parents of children by keeping them informed, having minimal clinic waiting time, and supporting them emotionally. </p><p>Nurses are at the heart of caregiving, and the <a href="/Pakistan/Health-Services/children-hospital/Pages/default.aspx">Children&#39;s Hospital</a>​ recognizes this. The Children&#39;s Hospital has a unique nursing mentorship system whereby nurses are empowered; their voices are central to determining treatment and care for patients, and they are assigned role models within the team to support them. </p><p>Keeping patient comfort central, the Children&#39;s Hospital has streamlined processes to make children undergoing treatment more comfortable by revising time periods for NPO status. </p><p>​It is found that healing is accelerated through play and joy. The Children&#39;s Hospital has introduced play therapy for inpatient children.</p><p>With the goal of providing quality care for patients, the Children&#39;s Hospital initiative of the well baby clinic educates and informs parents on the importance of the first clinic visit after birth.</p><p>These measures have resulted in high levels of patient satisfaction and greater comfort for patients and families. </p><p>The philosophy behind this quality of care is to treat a person, which extends to support for families, and not just treat a disease. </p><p>Gearing up for Dr. Patch Adams visit, the Children&#39;s Hospital celebrated Clown Day on 17 April, 2018 where the entire team of its the doctors, nurses, unit receptionists, housekeeping staff and the Aga Khan University Hospital CEO Mr. Hans Kedzierski participated. Some painted their faces while others some wore clown hats and red noses. The event was equally enjoyable for the patients, their parents and the Children&#39;s Hospital staff.</p>