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Here's What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself From Malaria

<p>Every year in Pakistan, with the arrival of the rainy season comes in the onslaught of malaria. The disease is preventable however the lack of awareness among people adds more volume to its growth. The monsoon season sets the perfect ground for the disease as still rainwater allows cultivation of mosquito larvae. Presumably 3.5 million cases of people suffering from malaria are reported every year.</p><p>The main contributing factors towards the epidemic are poor socio economic conditions, natural disasters, and the lack of access to quality healthcare. About 80% of malaria cases in Pakistan are reported from FATA and Balochistan.</p><p>The initial symptoms of the disease are similar to that of the flu and usually include chills, muscle pains, fatigue, and body aches.  When a person is diagnosed with malaria, treatment should be started at the earliest possible, as the diseases can in severe cases result in organ failure and fatal deaths.</p><p>​In order to begin treatment for the disease it is very important that following details are kept into account:</p><p>·       Proper consultation and diagnosis of <strong><a href="/pakistan/diseases-and-conditions/Pages/malaria.aspx">malaria</a></strong> type</p><p>·       The area from where the infection began</p><p>·       Medical condition of the patient and any other illnesses</p><p>·       Doctor to be consulted</p><p>Also, people that travel, are much more vulnerable to this disease as people living in areas where malaria is present develop immunity due to frequent exposure to the disease.</p><p>Proper treatment done in a timely manner can cure the disease. It is very important that the right medicine is used to counter malaria as some drugs can make the disease causing parasite resistant to antibiotics, which resultantly makes the case worst. Always use authentic medicines available at The Aga Khan University Hospital <strong></strong><a href="/pakistan/medical-and-diagnostics/Pages/Pharmacies.aspx"><strong>Pharmacies</strong> </a>near you.</p><p>To consult a doctor, book an <strong><a href="/Pakistan/Pages/Request-an-Appointment.aspx">appointment</a>​</strong> online or call 111-911-911. </p>