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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

Shehzad Roy visits the Children's Hospital at the Aga Khan University Hospital

<p>As their continuous effort to increase employee engagement, the Children&#39;s Hospital at the Aga Khan University Hospital celebrated their &quot;Person of the Week&quot; which is a major initiative taken by the leadership. To recognise the efforts employee engagement has on patient care, Pakistani musician-turned-social worker, Shehzad Roy, marked his presence on Thursday, July 18 2019.</p><div>Shehzad Roy was first introduced to the exemplars of high performance and was briefed about the Hospital’s journey of transformation to become a responsive and Patient-Centric system by the Service Line Chief, Dr. Babar Hasan and the Director of Patient Experience of Care and paediatric psychologist, Ms. Muneera Rasheed. ​</div><div>
</div><div>‘Compassion in Healthcare’,  is a collaborative initiative of Children’s Hospital and Charter for Compassion Pakistan - the Pakistani chapter of a not-for-profit, Charter for Compassion International by Karen Armstrong and imported into the country by Mr. Amin Hashwani - a widely renowned businessman and philanthropist. </div><div>
</div><div>Shehzad Roy was deeply impressed with this initiative. and used words of encouragement that vitalized employees’ morale and made known to them that the system values their strenuous efforts in pursuit of excellence and high standards of performance. </div><div>
</div><div>Recently becoming a part of ‘Protecting Our Children Against Child Abuse’ campaign, launched by the Ministry of Human Rights in collaboration with the European Union, Roy spoke at length about the important issue, recognizing it as a plague that has affected many and may possibly be prevented through open dialogue. </div><div>
</div><div>He was later escorted to the ward area where he interacted with patients. The little champions expressed joy at his sight as did their attendants. Following this interaction, he was accompanied to the play area, equipped with swings and playthings and which hosts celebrations, big and small, ranging from children’s birthdays to national events. The visit culminated with a briefing about the unique online management dashboard that is specifically designed to monitor live patient experience. ​</div>
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