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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

AKUH wins big – Becomes first Pakistani hospital to win a renowned global dental awareness accolade

<p></p><p>The Aga Khan University Hospital has become the first Pakistani health institution to win the “Best Campaign by a Dental Practice or Clinic&quot; award for creating awareness about oral health.
</p><p>In a virtual ceremony held on September 16, World Dental Federation (FDI) awarded the “Best Campaign by a Dental Practice or Clinic to the Aga Khan University Hospital, Pakistan&quot; for its efforts to raise awareness regarding oral health. This year&#39;s theme for the campaign was <strong>“Be Proud of Your Mouth&quot;</strong>.</p><p>The success of the campaign was due to the collective effort of the academics and the hospital.</p><p>Around the world, dental institutes and clinics arrange events to celebrate World Oral Health Day. These activities aim to create awareness and reduce the burden of oral health in the community. These activities include educational lectures, school activities, dental camps, media engagements, content creation, and live sessions for the public.</p><p>FDI World Dental Federation rewards the efforts of World Oral Health Day enthusiasts annually to encourage participation in celebratory activities. These awards are divided into different categories to include members, students, institutions, and the public.</p><p>AKUH was recognised for creating a campaign aiming to raise awareness regarding oral health in Pakistan. ​