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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

Care, Compassion and Respect for All

<div>The Aga Khan University Hospital has contributed to the country’s healthcare needs for over 35 years. Access is one of the University’s Guiding Principles and we endeavour to continue creating access, by giving financial support through Welfare and Zakat. We also ensure that each person who walks through our doors is treated with care, compassion and respect, regardless of their social or financial standing. 
</div><div>In 2019 alone, PKR 3 billion was disbursed to support 854,000 patients through our Patient Welfare and Zakaat assistance programmes. We are grateful to our donors whose generosity made 2019 a record year in terms of the number of patients we were able to financially support. 
</div><div>In 2019, 36% of the beneficiaries were children (18 years or below) and 64% were adults. This financial support ensured that these individuals’ urgent and chronic healthcare needs were not affected due to financial constraints. The average financial support for admitted patients was almost 40%, while 37% of our Zakat mustehiq patients got 90% or more financial subsidies from the University Hospital.
</div><div>Our financial support programmes fund cancer care, complex surgeries, advanced diagnostics, extended hospital stays, and all other forms of treatment and care.  Our dedicated financial counsellors plan and share the most feasible and adaptable financial plans for our patients who come from all walks of life.
</div><div>In recognition of its high quality and patient safety, the AKUH is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) as an Academic Medical Centre and its Clinical Laboratories are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for fast and accurate testing. Our Welfare and Zakat programmes ensure that the same <a href="/pakistan/AboutUs/Pages/world-class-quality-health-services.aspx">world-class quality care</a> is available for all our patients, regardless of their financial standing.</div><div>
</div><div>For more information about our financial assistance programmes, please visit: </div><div><a href="/pakistan/patients-families/welfare-zakat-assistance/Pages/welfare-programme.aspx">Patient Welfare</a>
</div><div><a href="/pakistan/patients-families/welfare-zakat-assistance/Pages/the-patients-behbud-society-for-the-aga-khan-university-hospital.aspx">Patient Behbud Society</a>
</div><div>Or call us at (021)111-911-911