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Children’s Hospital at AKUH Initiates Mobile Library

<p>​The Children&#39;s Hospital at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, has launched a unique initiative, a mobile library, by the name of &#39;Kitaab Gaari&#39; for its young patients.
</p><p>In commemoration of the launch, a ceremony was held at the hospital&#39;s paediatric ward playground. The mobile library with more than 100 books was introduced by the Paediatrics and Child Health Service line at AKUH. </p><p>The train Kitaab Gaari will be stationed at the paediatric ward&#39;s waiting area in front of the counter and daily move around the entire paediatric ward, distributing books to patients.</p><p>The attendees of inauguration ceremony included Dr Shahid Shafi, CEO, AKUH, P, Dr Asim Belgaumi, Chief Medical Officer, Women and Child Health Divisional and Departmental Chairs, Service line team, faculty, nurses, students, and residents.</p><p>Addressing the attendees during the ceremony, Dr Shafi appreciated this unique and exciting initiative undertaken by the service line, which focused on the intellectual and mental growth of the young patients admitted to the ward.</p><p>Dr Ali Faisal Saleem, Service Line Chief for Paediatrics and Child Health, explained the motivation behind the initiative, stating that, “Children get stressed out very quickly, and currently we have very few activities to engage them. Sometimes they remain hospitalised for more than 72 hours, which increases their stress and depression levels.&quot; </p><p>Dr Ali Faisal clarified that this initiative is primarily for younger children, adding that the whole idea is to engage children and divert their minds towards healthy activities. Having different books such as stories, art, and activity books alleviate their stress levels and feel more comfortable. “We conceived this idea and worked with our Design Office, who shaped up our idea into a sketch, after which our Civil and Grounds team transformed it into a reality with their toil,&quot; the service line chief stated. </p><p>The service line chief also lauded the efforts of the Nurse Manager for Children&#39;s Hospital, Naureen Lalani and other members of the service line for their tireless efforts, and turning this idea into reality.
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