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Don’t Delay Newborn Hearing Screening

<div>​In Pakistan almost One to Two babies in every 1,000 are born with profound bilateral hearing loss. Early detection allows early intervention and enables doctors to provide the correct advice and support to parents whose children are born with hearing problems.
</div><div>The Neonatal Hearing Screening test helps identify hearing impairments or hearing loss in newborns as early as possible. This test is necessary for your child’s healthy communication, early childhood development and future progress. Aga Khan University Hospital is one of the best private hospitals in Karachi offering high-quality neonatal hearing test for newborns and infants in a comfortable and safe environment. </div><div>
</div><div><span style="color: #f0191e; text-decoration: none solid #f0191e;"><strong>Why is Neonatal Hearing Screening important for your baby?</strong></span></div><div>Early detection of any hearing impairment helps identify the care needed for your baby. It is also important that you as parents and caregivers are aware of the support, treatments and interventions you may need to provide your child in case of hearing loss or hearing impairments. </div><div>
</div><div><span style="color: #f0191e; text-decoration: none solid #f0191e;"><strong>When is the Hearing Screening done?</strong></span></div><div>At the time of birth, the baby undergoes several tests at the Aga Khan University Hospital. Usually, the neonatal hearing test is performed in the first few days after birth. Sometimes babies do not respond to the test leaving doubts about their hearing abilities, thus, the test is repeated to confirm any suspicions. It is recommended that the hearing test is conducted within 3-4 weeks of the child’s birth.</div><div>
</div><div><strong style="color: #f0191e; text-decoration: none solid #f0191e;"><span style="color: #f0191e; text-decoration: none solid #f0191e;">How is the Hearing Test Performed?</span></strong></div><div>At AKUH, Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) Test is used for checking infants’ and children’s hearing. This is a painless procedure that can even be performed while your baby sleeps. It takes barely 2-3 minutes to perform the test on each ear. Results of the test are available right after it is performed.</div><div>Get Your Baby Tested Today</div><div>
</div><div>If your child was born in another healthcare facility, and you want his/her hearing test to be performed at the one of the best private hospitals in Pakistan, make an appointment with our highly specialised clinicians at <a href="/Pakistan/Health-Services/eye-and-ear-nose-throat/Pages/default.aspx">Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat</a> Clinics. 
</div><div>Our ENT specialists can provide your child with the best hearing support aids and treatments at AKUH, call +92 21 111-911-911 or Request an Appointment online by clicking <a href="/pakistan/Pages/Request-an-Appointment.aspx">here</a>.</div><div>
More information can be viewed and downloaded <a href="/pakistan/AboutUs/News/Documents/Don&#39;t%20Delay%20Newborn%20Hearing%20Screening_July%202020.pdf">here​</a>
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