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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

First Minimally Invasive Surgery at AKUH

<p></p><div><span style="font-family: helvetica;">The Aga Khan University Hospital came​ at par with international spinal surgery practices when Dr. Imtiaz Hashmi, Consultant, Musculoskeletal Service Line recently performed the first minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in the spine. This surgery, Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion and instrumentation (TLIF), is performed to decompress and stabilize the vertebral segments with minimal access for cases of​​ chronic back pain and injuries. Endoscopic and MIS are​ now done for full spectrum of spinal disorders at AKUH.  </span></div><div><br style="font-family: helvetica;"/></div><div><span style="font-family: helvetica;">The patient, who underwent surgery for only 2 and a half hours, is recovering well and has been discharged from the hospital with minimal discomfort.</span></div><div><span style="font-family: helvetica;">