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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

Free Knee and Joint Pain Check-Up

<p>As days get cooler, and winter sets in, more and more people start experiencing knee and joint pain. Not only does this cause physical discomfort, but also starts hindering in daily activities, to a point where sometimes even simple acts, such as getting out of bed, become painful.</p><p>To help patients with knee and joint pain, The Aga Khan University Hospital held a Free Knee and Joint Camp, at the Main Hospital Courtyard, on Wednesday, 6 December 2017.</p><p>At this camp, which started at 2:00 PM and ran late into the night, doctors offered free mini-consultations to more than 600 patients. These patients had the opportunity to meet with AKUH&#39;s leading faculty and discuss their cases. Scores of patients brought their x-rays and reports for the doctors to evaluate, who then wrote prescriptions and advised on diet and lifestyle changes that could help these patients relieve themselves from pain.</p><p>The patients, who needed further investigation, were booked on-the-spot for follow-ups at the AKUH&#39;s orthopedic clinic. Radiology appointments were also available to those who needed them.</p><p>The overall feedback of the camp was that the mini consultations were very helpful to the patients and a majority said they would continue their care at The Aga Khan University Hospital.</p>
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