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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

Head and Neck Cancer Support Group Session

<p>​The Aga Khan University Hospital, Oncology Service Line successfully organised a Head and Neck Cancer Support Group session on 27<sup>th</sup> July 2017. The support group is for patients and survivors of Head and Neck Cancer.</p><p>Mainly attributable to smoking and chewing tobacco, including paan, gutka etc., Head and Neck cancer is amongst the most common forms of cancer in Pakistan. Poverty, lack of awareness and limited access to healthcare are major challenges in the management of this type of cancer. However, there is also a grave need for health programs that could increase awareness among people on how they could prevent the disease, as well as be diagnosed early so treatment starts before the cancer become untreatable.</p><p>The support group session is a continuing effort by the AKUH Oncology Service Line to provide Head and Neck cancer patients, their families and caregivers, a platform to share their experiences, learn from, and provide emotional support to each other before, during and after treatment. In addition, the group also aims to provide support to people who are about to enter cancer treatment to help them prepare for the challenges that lay ahead.</p><p>The session was attended by over 25 people interesting in seeking knowledge about the condition and the treatment program at AKUH.  It was led by Dr. Yasmin Rashid and Dr. Adnan Jabbar, from the Oncology Service Line. They discussed about the diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment care to better inform attendees about the Head and Neck cancer remedial program. The informative session was followed by post-operative care demonstration by Afsheen Feroz, Head Nurse, Oncology. Nutritionists Bushra Mushtaque and Sidra Nasim guided the audience about their nutritional requirements and the diet they should be taking during and after the treatment. The program closed with question and answer session.</p><p>The session provided a good opportunity to attendees to mingle, share their experiences and connect with each other on a more personal level.  Considering people&#39;s interest in such events and its impact on patients and their families, AKUH plans to continue arranging similar events in the future.</p>