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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

Bristol2Beijing – Luke Grenfell-Shaw’s Stop at AKUH

<p>Fighting cancer may be one of life&#39;s greatest challenges and many would feel life has little to offer when you are struggling with such a debilitating disease. Luke Grenfell-Shaw disagrees. As a person living with cancer himself, Luke has as set out on a journey across the world to prove that cancer is not necessarily a limitation and that it is possible to live a fulfilling life, even with this disease.
</p><p>On Thursday, 2 December 2021, Luke visited the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi. He, along with his team met with cancer patients receiving treatment at the hospital&#39;s oncology ward and shared with them his inspirational journey and experiences. During his visit, Luke was welcomed by Dr Shahid Shafi, CEO AKUH, Pakistan, and Dr Asad Mian, Chair Emergency Medicine, and Dr. Zehra Fadoo, Chair and Service Line Chief, Oncology at AKUH.</p><p>Describing his experience, Luke stated that he set out on this journey, because it gave him a variety of different experiences and gave him an outlet to share his story with others going through the same journey. He also lauded the hospitality he has received during his stay in Pakistan. Cancer patients who were receiving care at AKUH also joined Luke for a discussion and opened up about their experiences while battling the disease.</p><p>Luke is visiting Pakistan while on a 30,000 km tandem bike ride from Bristol in the UK to Beijing in China to show the world that everyone can create opportunities for a rich and fulfilling life, even with cancer. Luke is sharing the journey with other Canlivers* and aims to raise £300,000 for various cancer-related charities.</p><p>A cyclist and a prolific speaker, Luke was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2018. He decided it was not going to limit him from living an adventurous and prosperous life and took on this journey. Luke believes that it is up to us to proactively create opportunities for ourselves and to live our best lives today, tomorrow, and every day after that.</p><p>* Defined as “A person living with cancer, facing uncertainty and challenges daily, yet acknowledging they can still live a rich and full life&quot;.</p><p>To learn more about Luke&#39;s journey, <a href="">click</a>.
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