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Winter Pain

<p>​Winter can cause your joints to ache, making it harder to sometimes carry out even simple movements like getting up or sitting down. Winter may also be harsher for people with previous injuries, existing joint pain, or arthritis. 
</p><p><strong>What causes joint pain in the winters?</strong></p><ul style="list-style-type: disc;"><li>Joint fluid becomes thicker in the winter causing your joints to be less lubricated and stiffer.</li><li>The drop in the atmospheric pressure causes the tissues to swell, building tension between and joints and causing pain.</li><li>The cold reduces blood circulation to the fingers and toes, amplifying arthritis pain.</li><li>Less exposure to sunlight may reduce the vitamin D level. It can lead to weakened bones and joints.​
</li></ul><p><strong>How to make the pain better?</strong></p><ul style="list-style-type: disc;"><li>Wear warm clothes, such as sweaters, socks and hats, especially outdoors.</li><li>Add extra warmth to your knees by wearing tights or leggings. </li><li>Take a warm bath to boost circulation and loosen muscles. </li><li>Exercise and keep moving both indoors and outdoors.</li><li>Maintain a healthy weight to decrease stress on your joints.</li><li>Avoid unnecessary strain on your joints during daily activities.</li><li>Apply heating pads to painful areas. The heat helps relax your muscles.</li><li>Get up, walk around and be active indoors and outdoors. </li><li>Stretch before going outside to loosen stiff joints. </li><li>Eat a healthy diet and keep a positive outlook.</li><li>Sleep adequately.
</li></ul><p><strong>When to consult a bone and joint expert?</strong></p><p>Consult a bone and joint expert if you experience any unusual or new symptoms such as:
</p><ul><li>Persistent swelling in your joints</li><li>Redness
</li><li>Difficulty putting pressure on your joints</li><li>Severe pain</li><li>Limping</li><li>Warm joints
</li></ul><div>To find a doctor, <a href="/pakistan/ForPatientAndVisitors/Pages/FindADoctor.aspx">click​</a> or book an <a href="/pakistan/Pages/default.aspx">appointment.</a>
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