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Mental Health Awareness Day | October 10

<p>Mental health is just as important as physical health and requires you to be aware of the signs, symptoms, and steps you can take to care for your mental health and seek medical intervention, if necessary. The important thing is to not suffer in silence and to seek professional help if you are suffering from deteriorating mental health.</p><p>Mental well-being at a population level requires access to the best standards of care, advocating for mental health issues, conducting research based in Pakistan, creating awareness, promoting education about mental health difficulties, and creating leaders in mental health.</p><p>Each year, October 10<sup>th</sup> is celebrated as Mental Health Day to focus on the warning signs of deteriorating mental health, signifying how it is essential to seek help and support those with mental health issues, which is considered taboo, still, in Pakistan. This year&#39;s theme focuses on raising awareness regarding mental health and well-being as a global priority, because mental health problems impact everyone, regardless of geographical boundaries. </p><p>
</p><p><strong>Warning Signs</strong></p><p>If you fear you may have mental health issues, watch out for certain warning signs which may signal declining mental health. This may allow you to better understand why you&#39;re feeling the way you feel, and more importantly what needs to be done to improve your mental health.</p><p>Warning signs of deteriorating mental health include changes in sleep patterns or appetite, changes in mood, and depressive feelings, losing interest in activities you normally enjoy, a drop in motivation or being able to function and perform daily tasks, and feeling disconnected from your surroundings, and feelings of apathy or nervousness. </p><p><strong>How to Care for Your Mental Health</strong></p><p>Timely recognition and diagnosis of deteriorating mental health are essential in helping you understand how you can care for your health. </p><p>Talking to someone you trust and opening up to them about anything that may be bothering you can help release negative emotions and feelings that may be consuming your mind.</p><p>Taking care of your physical health is also known to help your mental well-being. Staying active, be it with walking running, yoga, or other forms of exercise plays a key role in uplifting one&#39;s mood and ensuring you remain both physically and mentally healthy. Regularly setting a time out to take part in activities you enjoy is essential in ensuring that you have an outlet to release the negativity that you may be feeling, which contributes to declining mental health.</p><p>Last, but not least, seek professional help from a certified mental health practitioner if you are suffering from deteriorating mental health, elevated stress levels, or any of the warning signs that may signal you are suffering from mental issues.</p><p>The Department of Psychiatry at the AKUH includes a vibrant team of experts, who deal with different aspects of mental health care for adults and children and collaborates with other specialties in the effort to provide comprehensive care to our patients. </p><p>For more information on mental health services at AKUH, <a href="/pakistan/Health-Services/department-of-psychiatry/Pages/default.aspx">click</a> here.
</p><p><strong>Call to book an appointment: </strong>021 111 911 911.​​
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