Shining example of resilience

​In a world where obstacles can easily overshadow one's dreams, some remarkable individuals defy the odds, inspiring us with their unwavering determination and indomitable spirit. Mrs Yumna Ikram, is one such shining example of resilience, who came to the Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Centre, Hyderabad for the birth of her first child. 

Mrs Yumna Ikram, a Disability Rights Activist and a Computer Science graduate, is visually blind but radiates strength and positivity. Although her visual impairment could have deterred her ambitions, Yumna chose to live a life filled with purpose, embracing every challenge that came her way.

Yumna's journey began as a sighted child with loving parents and siblings who also possessed normal vision. However, at the tender age of three, her family noticed changes in her behaviour, signalling something was amiss with her vision. Determined to find answers, her father sought medical opinions from numerous doctors. Tragically, misdiagnoses and delayed treatment resulted in Yumna completely losing her vision by the age of four.

Undeterred by this life-altering setback, Yumna refused to allow her circumstances to define her. She enrolled in a special needs school in Karachi, where she excelled academically, emerging as the top student in her class. Unfazed by the limitations imposed upon her, she then transitioned to a regular school for her matriculation studies. Although this new educational institution lacked specialized services for students like Yumna, her determination led her to excel again, achieving remarkable success in her matriculation and intermediate examinations.

It was during this time that Yumna discovered a supportive online community of individuals facing similar challenges from around the world. Among her friends from India, she found kindred spirits who shared her aspirations. Inspired by their shared determination, Yumna resolved to pursue her passion for software engineering, firmly believing that nothing could impede her path to success. With unwavering resolve, she pursued her studies, ultimately triumphing in her chosen field.

Upon completing her education, Yumna embarked on a professional journey and also became a disability rights activist. Her experiences fuelled her passion to advocate for equal rights and opportunities for individuals with disabilities in society.

In a stroke of serendipity, Yumna found love and support in her husband, a remarkable person who shares her dreams and celebrates her strength. Together, they embraced a new chapter in Hyderabad, where Yumna's story intertwined with ours at the Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Centre. Drawn to Aga Khan Hospital's reputation for exceptional care and positive childbirth experiences, she entrusted her first delivery to Aga Khan Hospital, Hyderabad's expert Women's Health specialists and our dedicated team of medical professionals.

Under the watchful care and unwavering support of Aga Khan Hospital, Hyderabad's hospital staff, Mrs Yumna Ikram brought a new life into the world in May 2023.

From her very first visit and consultations to a smooth labor and delivery, Yumna says she received the best possible care at our hospital. All the teams at our hospital were well informed beforehand about Yumna's special needs. Yumna was highly appreciative of the constant care she received, especially from the nurses. Not even once did Yumna feel that her healthcare needs were neglected. She was not just satisfied with her prenatal care and delivery, but she was also happy with her postnatal care.

The compassionate care she received at our hospital reaffirmed her belief in the power of humanity and further fuelled her advocacy for inclusive and accessible healthcare for all. In her own words,

“I am so thankful to the staff, nurses and doctors who, in this time of stress and anxiety, motivated me and cooperated well with me in my journey of motherhood."

Mrs Yumna Ikram's remarkable journey reminds us that the human spirit can conquer any adversity. Despite being blind, she decided to become a mother and found unwavering support and care from the doctors and staff at the Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Centre, Hyderabad. Through her steadfast commitment to her dreams, Yumna inspires us to embrace our aspirations and forge a path towards a future where all barriers are shattered, and dreams are within reach for everyone.