​Department of Paediatrics 

The Department of Paediatrics at the Aga Khan University Hospital is committed to providing quality medical care to children from birth to 18 years. Our paediatricians (doctors trained in treating children) and paediatric nurses (nurses trained in caring for children) are unique in the country because they are highly qualified and experienced in all children's diseases and conditions. 

Our major paeds specialities include but are not limited to foetal and neonatal medicine (unborn and early new-born problems), cardiopulmonary medicine (heart and lungs), neurosciences (brain, spine, nerves) and child development, gastroenterology (digestion and stomach), nutrition (healthy diet), endocrinology (metabolism, glands and hormones), nephrology (kidney), genetics (gene variations), and infectious diseases. 

The Aga Khan University Hospital is amongst the few hospitals in the region that offers echocardiograms (pictures of the heart) for the diagnosis and management of cardiac diseases in the foetus (unborn child), new-borns, infants and young children. The University Hospital has a team of paediatric cardiologists, paediatric cardiothoracic surgeons, paediatric intensive care specialists and specialized paediatric nurses who can provide treatment and care for children with heart related diseases. 

The Paediatrics Department also has a team of genetic specialist doctors and nurses who treat children with suspected or proven genetic conditions, inborn errors of metabolism and various conditions such as Down syndrome, Marfan syndrome and Fragile X syndrome, among others. The Department offers genetic counselling for hereditary conditions, recurrent miscarriages, and a history of foetal death.  

Our Paediatric Neurologists are specialised in treating children with brain and spine conditions. They offer special programmes to help educate parents and families about their child's disorder and how to provide appropriate on-going care and support. 

Our doctors and clinical teams have adopted a multidisciplinary medical approach to help address the unique needs of every child through tailored treatment plans developed for every child.

The Aga Khan University Hospital has multiple specialties all under one roof. This enables our doctors to work closely with specialists from other departments in the hospital and ensure our patients receive a holistic treatment and care.

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